To find and select your desired NCR ATM Parts, please use the table on the left to refine your search by Part Number, Part Description, Part Type or ATM Model.

Image Part No. Description Manufacturer Stock Status Used In
No image available 445-0704482R U-IMCRW TK 123 WITH SMART - STANDARD SHUTTER NCR Call 6634
No image available 497-0464207 PCB-MOTHER INTEL Q965 LGA 775 EATX TALLADEGA NCR Call 6622, 6625, 6626, 6632, 6634, 6638
No image available 445-0643758 SHAFT-TOGGLE ASSY NCR Call 5886
No image available 445-0595180G Timing Sensors NCR Call 5684
No image available 779-0001010 Restore Licence ATMdesk/2 v7.1.2 1yr License Complete with Manuals NCR Call
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