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TestLink ATM Guides

Download Buyers Guide (PDF) TestLink's ATM Parts Buyer's Guide.

Download Glossary (PDF) TestLink's ATM Part's Glossary of Terminology.

NCR Exploded Diagrams

ARIA Single Pick (PDF)

ARIA Double Pick (PDF)

66xx Short Presenter (PDF)

66xx Mid Presenter (PDF)

66xx Long Presenter (PDF)

66xx USB Card Reader (PDF)

NCR Cassette Testers

NCR S1 Cassette Tester Manual (PDF)

NCR S2 Cassette Tester Manual (PDF)

Wincor Exploded Diagrams

Wincor V2XF Card Reader (PDF)

Wincor Double Extractor CMD-V4 (PDF)

Wincor Cassette Tester

Wincor Cassette Tester Software (ZIP)

Wincor Cassette Tester Manual (PDF)

Thermal Cut-Off Unit

TestLink AC Thermal Cut-Off Installation Instructions (PDF)

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